Hi. . .I’m Chris


Jocelyn has been writing all of the blog posts up till now.  She thought it might be nice to get some perspectives from some of the other “Farmers” around here. This post is more or less an introduction. I’ve never blogged before. I don’t even do Facebook. So, please bear with me as I get used to this.

Hi. . . I’m Chris. Happy 2011! I never dreamed I’d be back here on the family property where I grew up, now raising my own child. But, here I am. I’m excited to be here with Julie and Kai, Matt, Chantalle, Canaan and Jocelyn, dreaming about what we can do with this place.

We have a lot of ideas, a little less time, and still less money. We’ve been talking about doing this for a couple years and are very happy to have our great friend Jocelyn here to light the fire under our butts. Living in a community like this, It’s easy to let whatever free time there is disappear along with the coffee and wine. The January weather is a good excuse for that. I’m looking forward to spring! “Goin on a ‘venture.”


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  1. stephanie durston

    Welcome to the wonderful world of blog Chris!! Thank you for the introduction :)

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