fathers & sons


I passed these good looking farm fathers and sons yesterday as I was driving to work.  A little jealous that everyone else has already started their holidays, but not so jealous that I can’t be happy when I see the farm boys enjoying morning walks together. 

This whole ‘living in community’ thing is seriously wonderful and I continue to feel blessed by it.  Instead of just getting up in the morning and heading to work, I get up, swing by the house to have a morning coffee with whoever is awake, hug a baby or two, and then hop in the truck to go to work, sometimes passing more farm members out enjoying the crisp December weather along the way (like Chris, Matt, Kai and Canaan yesterday).  Not sure if it gets any better than this!

1 thought on “fathers & sons

  1. kimpossible

    I’m just a little jealous that I can’t enjoy that small farm community atmosphere that you do every day!

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