farm morning photo: day 1


It’s September 1st today. Although I’ve already been out at the farm for a month, I feel like today marks the official start to my year at the farm. Chris and Julie get back this month, I move into the motor home this month, and we really get started on brainstorming and realizing our farm dream/ task list this month.

Since today is the day when ‘the purpose’ of all this really begins, I thought I’d start off the ‘unofficial’ official farm day with the first of a year’s worth of morning photos.

I snapped this shot of a corner of my motor home kitchen this morning when I went out to check for leaks after a long night of rain. I found some. Turns out the skylight lets in more than just light. Happy to have this little succulent around though – I love these little plants.

One week till Chris and Julie get back, one week till I move into the motor home. Exciting!