trailer colour scheme, fergus becomes a farm cat, and coyotes…

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I meant to include my colour scheme in my last post, but completely forgot about it until a friend (also my former art prof) asked me about it (and gave me some very wise advice – thanks Claire!).

The themes I’m hoping to communicate through my trailer decor are pretty compatible with the rural lifestyle I’ll be living while in it: peaceful, calm, natural, relaxed, fresh, airy, light and cozy. The images I’ve compiled here represent the feel and colours I’m hoping to achieve. All photos are taken by my favorite photographer and friend, Tracey Falk (her flickr site).

The interior of the trailer is pretty much head-to-toe-and-under-and-over wood panelling. I actually really like it. Could be overwhelming if the decor was dark and if it felt really closed in inside it, but the trailer is almost entirely wrapped with big windows so it receives a lot of natural light which is fantastic. And to give that light something to bounce off of, I’m planning on using a lot of pale, natural hues where I can. The U-shaped bench area cushions will be covered in cream and light brown wools, my comfy reading nook chair is upholstered in a soft, silvery blue, and my bedding will be white. The curtains around the U-shaped bench area will be white and airy and transparent(ish), while the curtains around my sleeping nook area will be made out of a material that is a mix of seascape-ish blue, green, and silver. I picked up a sweet silver antelope head that will grace a wall and a lot of my smaller pieces will include things I’ve collected from nature: big seed pods, dried poppy pods, driftwood, old glass bottles, great pottery pieces, etc. 

Actually, as I’m typing this (in Chris and Julie’s living room on the farm), I’m realizing that I’m pretty much describing their colour and decorating scheme. Ha! Apparently best friends think alike. I LOVE what they’ve done to their place and I’ll be really satisfied if I can create such an inviting space to spend time in in my trailer.

PS – I have so many other things to post about!  So much goes on here – there’s not enough time to document it all! Posts still coming: the moving of the trailer (with video and pics and a trailer motor hero), the bedframe my dad built, the muffins I baked using farm berries…

PPS – Yesterday Fergus (my cat) caught a shrew (we think that’s what it was) INSIDE the house. The poor little thing was still alive when I found it. Fergus didn’t know what to do when he caught it so he just pawed it occassionally making the little guy squeak. I took him outside and put him in a safe place for him to catch his breath and make his getaway, but apparently Fergus injured him because he couldn’t move fast enough to avoid the slimy killer slugs (I’m seriously not joking). The whole episode (particularly the slug part) horrified me. I knew the whole ‘natural cycle of life and death’ of animals out here would be a challenge for me – I just didn’t think I’d be faced with it so soon! Poor little shrew.

PPPS – I saw a coyote on our road today, about 4 houses down, in the middle of the afternoon. Yikes!  Fergus and Lola – I hope you liked your freedom while you had it because that was my wake-up call. No more romping around outside. I don’t want to experience the ‘natural cycle of life and death’ of my cats if I don’t have to.

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