from pots to plots


First patio tomato of the season (above) and my cabin in the city (below).


T minus 7 days until I say goodbye to my little urban cabin and head to the farm!  I can’t believe that ‘the big move’ has almost arrived!  As much as I hate to say goodbye to my seawall bicycle commute and the general awesomeness that Vancouver is in the summer, I’m really excited to start tackling all of my projects out at the farm.  Although first on the list will be renovating the trailer, we’ll of course be doing a lot of thinking about how we want to start the actual farming activities.

When I moved back to Vancouver (from Ottawa) last September, I felt like the luckiest girl in the city to find a little rustic cabin-type dwelling in Mt. Pleasant with a big patio so that I could attempt some serious container gardening. At the time, I had no idea that less than 12 months later, I’d be packing up and moving to a 2.5 acre chunk of land to attempt some much more serious gardening.  I love these kinds of life surprises!

As I work on packing up my cabin and tying up things like address changes on incoming mail, I thought I’d celebrate with a photo of my first patio tomato of the season.  Might have to include it in my last city dinner before I load all my potted plants into a truck and head east.

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  1. Momma Durston

    We will be really happy when you are living in your trailer and digging in the dirt. That will mean it is safe to sleep in your home away from the city.

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