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building the pig pen


A week and a half ago, we built a pig pen and fencing with the help of some of the local 4H crew in preparation for the pigs they’ll be boarding here. In exchange for giving them space (and helping them care) for their pigs, they’re gifting us a pig and, as you’ll see in the photos, helped supply us with the materials and labour to build a pig pen living space on our land. In addition to building the actually pig house, the crew pulled our old trailers out of the way (see video below – kudos to our pregnant helper!) and started putting up fencing (whic
h was completed today). We’ve since painted the pig house and set up the food and water system. More photos coming in our ‘work party’ blog post.

Sidenote: as I’m writing this, I’m realizing that I don’t actually know the proper(?) language for pig living spaces. What’s the difference between a pig pen and a pig sty? Does ‘pig pen’ include the ‘house’ or only the fenced-in graze and play area? Hmmm… sounds like we may need a name for our pig abode (kinda like our rabitat for the rabbits). Any suggestions?

PS – the piglets arrive tomorrow!!! We’re VERY excited. Stay tuned for photos and video footage.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bsYXHNQPn-w?wmode=transparent]