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Farm for a Year featured on Raw Lawyer


My dear friend Faye wrote a lovely blog post about me and our Farm for a Year project on her Raw Lawyer blog last week. 

Faye is one of the strongest and most amazing women I know. Passionate about human rights and totally devoted to her husband and chihuahua, Faye is also a big promoter of raw, vegan diets. The path that led her to her new eating habits is both heartbreaking and inspring. I won’t try to retell it myself, but you can read about it in her own words in her post, ‘Scepticism: An Opportunity To Share’. It might make you cry but in the end, it’s a story of hope and happily includes some very tempting recipes (like the Chia Chocolate Pudding for the Exhausted – yes please!).

Faye has completely changed her home/ kitchen/ backyard lifestyle to accomodate her life-changing raw vegan diet and I love reading about and hearing about her progress and her new gardening adventures. She writes about how small experiments with home-grown sprouts has developed into raised garden beds and just yesterday she posted about enjoying the first fruits of her gardening labours.

As a result of her diet changes and new interest in food and nutrition, Faye and her husband now find themselves dreaming about getting themselves a little piece of land somewhere so that they can mess around in more than just suburban deep beds. She’s been a big supporter and encourager of my move to this farm and I can’t wait for the day when she and her family will be writing about their own adventures with composting toilets and black bears :)

You can follow Faye’s story at www.rawlawyer.com. Screenshot of her website above, as well as photos of her personal gardening projects.