Monthly Archives: July 2010

the trailer & the to-do list


I don’t even know what make it officially is, but I do know that it’s a 1978 (same age as me – how perfect), approximately 34 feet long, and most importantly, my (rapidly approaching) future home.

Since I’m a bit obsessive about making my living spaces clean, comfortable and thoughtfully decorated, I’ve got my job cut out for me with this big hunk of metal.

The to-do list is sure to get longer, but for now, these are the ‘problem areas’ that I’m going to start tackling immediately (read: this weekend):

  • Relocating the trailer to it’s ‘permanent’ resting spot. The trailer is already out at the farm, but it has to be moved to a more level piece of ground. This is easier said than done because the brakes aren’t working right now. Thank goodness for hand brakes and fathers who aren’t scared to use them.

  • Putting in a toilet. Not only is there no toilet in the trailer, but there is also no room for a toilet, so the sink’s getting ripped out and a toilet’s getting put in (the kitchen sink is about to become multi-purpose). And thank God my dad has offered to help me with this. It will likely involve drilling a new hole in the black water tank (that would be where your poo goes – as opposed to the grey water tank which is where your sink and shower water goes – the things one learns). Hoping it all goes smoothly!

  • Building a bed frame. The last owners of the trailer had their bed at the back end of the trailer, right next to the gas stove and fridge. Their mattress was set up on top of some great built-in benches and given the proximity to the ‘kitchen’, I’d much rather make that area the hang-out, board game playing, dining area (not to mention the fact that snuggling up to a gas stove isn’t my idea of a good time). So, my dad and I (gosh, what would I do without him?!) are going to take out the driver’s chair (passenger chair is already MIA) and build a bed frame up in the front part of the trailer. The dash board will be my bedside table and the steering wheel will be my built-in foot rest :P

  • Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. What more needs to be said, really? Oh, except this – the (adorable in their own 21 year old snowboarder ways) couple who sold it to me left it a) FILTHY, and b) full of their stuff (and not stuff that I wanted to touch, let alone keep). I’ve cleared all their stuff out and done a surface clean, but the place still needs a DEEP clean. Seriously. Very thankful my mom has offered to help with this (no one cleans like a mom).

  • Decorating. This is going to be the fun part! Can’t wait to do this – more on trailer decor when I get to it.

  • Cleaning and organizing the trailer’s immediate external environment. The trailer is going to be parked in front of a long, open shed that is full of farming stuff. I’m sure the shed and its contents were once squeaky clean, regularly used and easy to find, but they’re no longer in that state. Since the shed is going to be the view from some of my windows (and because I just can’t resist an organizing challenge), I’m planning to make it a shed worth visiting (seriously – actually quite excited about this!).

  • Creating an outside extension to my trailer, aka a ‘trailer patio’. You know, for sunshine soaking, book reading, wine drinking, social visiting and star gazing. Oh – and for my potted plants. Yes please!

Hmm…pretty sure I won’t get to everything on that list this weekend, but I’ll definitely do my best to make some decent progress. Biggest priority right now is getting the bathroom and bed renos done so that when I move out to the farm in August, I’ll be able to put my stuff into it and start setting it up for my into-the-trailer move on September 1st. Stay tuned for reno stories!